Alternative Education Programs

Alternative Education ProgramsThe Alternative Education programs are approved by and aligned with Pennsylvania Department of Education standards. The programs are based on the Sanctuary Philosophy and provide hands-on experiential learning opportunities to help students develop a positive sense of future and success in school. The AEP is a highly structured and controlled academic setting with an emphasis on the core curriculum, life/social skills, and counseling to provide students a unique hands-on learning experience in a therapeutic environment. Our goal is to improve self-esteem, give new purpose and direction to education, and develop needed pro-social skills to help students to be more successful in their home schools. The staff works collaboratively with parents to ensure a positive and impactful school experience.

CAEP (Career Alternative Education Program)

CAEP (Career Alternative Education Program) offers a unique hands-on learning experience in a therapeutic environment through a partnership with the Erie County Technical School. Our Career Alternative Education Program operates Monday through Friday and serves middle and high school students in grades 6–12.

For more information about the Career Alternative Education Program please contact:

Your home school district principal


8500 Oliver Road
Erie, Pennsylvania 16509

BAEP (Bayfront Alternative Education Program)

BAEP (Bayfront Alternative Education Program) is an innovative partnership between the Sarah A. Reed Children’s Center, Bayfront Maritime Center and Erie’s Public Schools for grades 9-12. BAEP provides a blend of traditional and web-based curricula combined with hands-on, STEM focused maritime projects and activities.

For more information about the Bayfront Alternative Education Program please contact:

40 Holland Street
Erie, PA  16507