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Welcome to Sarah Reed

About Sarah Reed

Sarah A. Reed Children's Center is a center of excellence located in Erie, Pennsylvania that specializes in mental and behavioral health care for children, teens, families and individuals. We specialize in trauma-informed care by providing innovative evidence-based treatment and services through research, clinical practice and professional training. We serve a diverse population of over 1,700 people from 48 counties annually in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York.


The mission of Sarah Reed Children’s Center is to enhance the well-being of children, adults and families, helping them realize their potential and experience success.


Sarah Reed Children’s Center will be a center of excellence, providing innovative evidence-based treatment and services through research, clinical practice and professional training.

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We have a culture of doing the right thing, of being ethical, honest and transparent with ourselves, each other and all whom we touch. When we make mistakes, which all people and organizations do, we practice social learning and own up to our errors so we can learn from them.


We promote a culture of respect and dignity.


We respect the uniqueness of each individual staff, client and family and are committed to support each in a non-judgmental, sympathetic and caring way. We avoid asking “what’s wrong” with a person/situation and instead ask “what’s happened.”


We are committed to employing the highest quality staff. To ensure that we promote growth and change for all, employees are given the opportunity to develop and grow in their career both for personal satisfaction and their ability to serve our clients.


We have a culture that seeks the highest level of safety and non-violence we can achieve for our clients, their families, our employees and the community. We constantly strive to assess ever-changing threats and the environment that causes them.


We have a culture of recognizing the value of diversity and its benefits among our staff, our clients and our partners.


We are leaders in behavioral health services. We strive to develop best practices in our treatment methods through a culture of emotional intelligence, inquiry, continuous improvement, consistency and social learning.


We have a culture of working as a team both internally and externally to cooperatively ensure that each client receives the best level of care through the whole system. To advance our knowledge and capability, we actively seek partnerships with colleges, schools, county agencies, clients and others to build relationships and open communication to advance the system-wide level of care continually.

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