Acute Partial Hospitalization

Acute Partial HospitalizationSarah A. Reed Children’s Center’s Acute Partial Hospitalization Program provides services for children and youth, ages 3-18, with significant emotional, behavioral, and psychiatric disorders. Our Partial Hospitalization programs are licensed to deliver education (or educational services) through the Pennsylvania Department of Education with a Private Academic License.

Acute Partial Hospitalization is an intensive, non-hospital based service which focuses on solution-based, short-term treatment interventions to help stabilize children with significant psychological, emotional, and behavioral difficulties.

Professional staff provides treatment services in a highly structured, safe environment with constant supervision.  Sanctuary based psychoeducation along with high-quality educational services delivery are provided daily to target treatment goals and keep children academically stable. Program staff receives formal training in crisis management and work closely with a team of clinical professionals to stabilize your child’s behavior.  The intensive daily regimen of therapeutic activities and services are based on the client’s individualized treatment plan and goals.

A variety of professionals will utilize a combination of the following interventions:

  • Therapeutic art activities
  • Recreation activities
  • Social skills training
  • Individual, family, and group therapy
  • Small and large peer group learning
  • Psychoeducational groups
  • Individualized specialized instruction

School districts throughout the region collaborate with the program as integral partners in the planning process which leads to successful transitions from the program back to the child’s home school. In most instances the districts aid in providing transportation to and from the program.

Whether the child is stepping down from a residential treatment program or an inpatient treatment program or is being referred by a family/community team the goal is for the treatment team to quickly assess the strengths and needs of the child and assist in helping the child reach a more stable level of functioning.

Our acute partial hospitalization program is located at our Hamilton Campus in Erie, PA. Children in the acute program attend Monday through Friday 8:30 AM until 2:30 PM. Again, this is a 12-month program and operates at the same times during the summer.

For more information about Acute Partial Hospitalization Services please contact:

3227 Highland Rd
Erie, Pa 16506