Sarah Reed Children’s Center is proud to host the 2021 Alessi, Levan, Kebles Forum: Virtual Diversity Summit stimulating transformational conversations among human service providers, community leaders, and consumers related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Dr. Denise Johnson, the Acting Physician General for Pennsylvania will deliver opening remarks,  Dr. Lauren Finley will provide the Keynote Address, and Dr. Matthews will conclude the virtual conference with a closing address.

Workshop Topics include:

  • How to use art therapy to promote healing and advocacy,
  • Using the Social Determinants of Health to identify and address social inequities,
  • Action steps to creating a culturally sensitive organization,
  • Promoting social and emotional well-being in educational settings,
  • Helping clients process news stories about racism in group settings,
  • The impact of white supremacy on behavioral health and wellness.

At 6 PM, Sarah Reed’s President and CEO, Dr. Adrienne Dixon, will host a virtual panel discussion with area clergy on the Spirituality and Mental Health, facilitated by Dr. Parris Baker.


The following resources from the Diversity Summit are available for download:

Keynote Address, Healing and Strengthening Fractures in Racial/Ethnic Identity, Dr. Finely PPT

Breakout “Art Therapy Virtual Open Studio for Advocacy”, Dr. Treadon and Mr. Rieche. PDF

Breakout “Using the Social Determinants of Health to Address Inequities”, Dr. Haydon, Mr. Gonzalez, Mr. Shallenberger. PPT.

Suggested Reading List. PDF