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Graduate Internships/Practicums

Why should I choose Sarah Reed Children's Center for my internship or practicum?

  • Get real life experience working in the mental health field
  • It isn’t just an internship, you will actively participate in client treatment, knowing you are making a difference
  • Explore the various departments and functions within a mental health organization
  • Work closely with and be a part of a team of professionals focused on the individual needs of children and adolescents in our care
  • Observe trauma-informed care and treatment, utilizing the Sanctuary Model
  • Have the freedom to work on your own individual project pertaining to the organization

Where could I be placed?

We currently offer Master’s level internship and practicum opportunities in the following programs:

Outpatient Behavioral Health

The Outpatient Program provides a wide range of Evidence-Based Interventions for children and adolescents. We also offer Intensive Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (IBHS), which are designed to provide supports for children and their families who are having difficulty managing behavior and emotions in the home, school, and community.

Partial Hospitalization

The Partial Hospitalization program offers a level of care that enables stabilization of a child’s emotional and behavioral disturbances with a therapeutically supported diversion from inpatient care. The goal of the program is to restore a level of functioning that enables the child to successfully return to a regular school setting, re-enter the community, and improve overall family functioning.

Residential Treatment Program

Our Residential Treatment Program is structured for children whose needs and safety concerns require a 24-hour treatment environment. We have five living units that provide a total of 76 licensed beds on our six-acre campus.

What would I do during my placement?

May vary by program

  • Assist team members with job responsibilities and essential tasks associated with their clinical support positions
  • Provide support in classroom or residential setting with behavior monitoring and therapeutic interactions
  • Model and teach a psych-education curriculum that focuses on the Sanctuary Model
  • Gain education on trauma-informed care, HIPAA, cultural competencies, and professional ethics
  • Attend trainings in Safe Crisis Management
  • Utilize your creativity to plan group activities and/or create incentive programs
  • Exposure to clinical documentation
  • Participate in team meetings and brainstorming sessions
  • Grow in problem solving, empathy, crisis intervention, and conflict resolution

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