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The United States Department of Health and Human Services estimated that in 2013 nearly 1,600 children in this country died because of abuse or neglect and 1,000,000 were traumatized as a result of this abuse.

In the Erie Community, Sarah A. Reed Children's Center helps these children as well as those needing clinical care. These children are at greater risk throughout their lives for devastating developmental disadvantages.  They are more likely to try and abuse alcohol and drugs. They are twice as likely to become a victim of crime and more likely to commit a crime and three times more likely to not graduate from high school. In addition, they are much more likely to become obese, develop diabetes, hypertension and heart problems.

With your support for Sarah A. Reed Children's Center, you help to provide a safe place for these children to heal. Our programs and services help children who suffer complex trauma, as well as those with mental and behavioral health problems. We provide programs that strengthen families, teach them the skills to cope, and manage the stress and difficulties associated with these problems. 

Your support helps children, heals families and strengthens our community. For over 144 years, Sarah A. Reed Children's Center has continued its mission because of community support. Whatever support you can provide is welcomed and greatly appreciated. Please click on the Donation, Wish List and Current Events pages to find different ways to help.