Partial Hospitalization Services

Sarah A. Reed Children's Center offers Partial Hospitalization services in Erie and in Millcreek Township. These services include a Early Childhood component for ages 3-8, a School Day component for grades 2-12, ages 8-18, an After School component for grades 1-8, ages 6-14, and an Acute component for ages 5-14.

Partial Hospitalization services offer a safe, therapeutic environment for children to explore conflict resolution, anger management and family relationships; learn coping skills and positive social skills that are reinforced for use in the home, school and community.

The treatment team includes the child, child's parents, Board Certified child and adolescent psychiatrists, licensed social workers, mental health counselors, and teachers. The comprehensive team works together to thoroughly evaluate the needs of the child/adolescent and family to develop an individualized treatment plan. The treatment plan emphasizes short-term goals promoting stability and growth.

Individualized treatment planning, regular psychiatric consultation and assessment, medication management, individual and group counseling, family collaboration, classroom instruction, social skill/coping skill instruction as well as role modeling are provided to assist the children and their families in the unique and individual issues they face.

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