Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services are designed to provide supports and services for children and their families who are experiencing difficulties in their daily lives. These supports and services are “wrapped around” the children and families in their natural environments (home, school, community). Supports such as family and friends, youth group leaders, coaches, Scout leaders, etc. are identified and are encouraged to participate in this supportive process. Formal mental health services including Therapeutic Staff Support, Mobile Therapy, and Behavior Specialist Consultation are also available to these families when indicated.

Sarah Reed Children’s Center has been a provider of Behavioral Health Services throughout Erie County for over 18 years.

Each child and family is involved in the development of a unique treatment plan based on the strengths, needs and aspirations of those involved. The goal of the services is to help children and families experience success while maintaining children in their natural environments, thus eliminating the need for unnecessary or more restrictive placements.

The team works to educate and empower children and families. The philosophy strives to promote independence and resources so that they are better able to make key decisions regarding the well being of their families.

Sarah A. Reed Children’s Center provides comprehensive Behavioral Health Services for children ages 4 to 21.

For more information about Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services please contact:

Anthony Bostaph
Supervisor of Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services

1611 Peach Street, Suite 185
Erie, PA 16501